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  • We do not distinguish our in class sessions from online sessions. Classes are taught in a group format. We use the “Goto Meeting” for the online classes. We will provide you with a meeting code and you can log in to the “meeting room” which is the class.
  • We will provide all materials for the classes. They consist of a series of practice problems. The program that we touch is a process of learning the soroban thru repetition and practice. The materials we were all developed internally and is a tried and true method of learning the system.
  • The curriculum for online is exactly the same as the classroom sessions. They are one hour long for group our instructor will call upon each student during the class to interactively engage them to ensure they understand how to apply the techniques. and 30min for one on one and  the true objective of Soroban is to be able to do calculations mentally. All our advance students are all capable of doing the calculations without the use of the physical abacus or Soroban.

For any questions you have , please contact, I can receive text as well:


General Manager

Joe Watanabe

650-504-4440 (direct work cell)



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