What age can students start SuperMath?

SuperMath accepts students who are Pre-K through adult. Pre-K students must be able to write numbers 0 through 9.

What is the difference between a trial class and the introductory class?

The introductory class is for new students who have completed the registration form and made initial payment. After taking the introductory class, they will be ready to join their regular class.


A trial class is a one hour private lesson for students who haven’t decided if they want to enroll. The trial class fee of $200 does not count towards tuition or registration fee.

We recommend if you are sure to start your child, to schedule (with General Manager Joe Watanabe) an time a date to see an in person class, then you’ll have a better idea what our program is about.

Can students join any class?

Students who are aged kindergarten and older can join regular classes, subject to availability. We teach in a differentiated classroom, where students of various ages and levels are provided with individual instruction in a group setting. All SuperMath instructors are trained to teach different level students.

What happens if a student misses class?

At this moment make up classes are given for when students miss class. If the students miss class we ask the parents to either text or Email their instructor to let them know about not coming for class. When students miss class talk with instructor to see which dates and times are available for make up. It is advised to have make up with class with same instructor.

Can students change classes?

Students can change classes at the beginning of the month, subject to availability.

How quickly do students progress?

Progress depends on understanding class work and the amount of homework completed.

It is also like a piano lesson the more you practice and do the right way the more you can achieve to the next lesson.

Students and parents who take our program seriously (not forgetting their Supermath materials when coming to class, forgetting to do homework etc.)  Will achieve to next level in accordance with their hard work and completed the assigned homework pages with completion of Exams.

How do we make payment?

We accept check or money order payable to Super Math.
Write the student’s full name in the memo line. We also accept exact cash amount. We do not accept any credit card payments, including online or payment apps